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Please, I am so very tired of being alive during major historical events.

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New civil war drops.

I never thought Lady Gaga would be there to witness the beginning of a civil war in the US, but yeah, okay.

In recent years, the ever-growing gap between the far-right and the far-left has been unleashing absolute chaos on the western political landscape. Since the US election results were…

Hours of Entertainment in Exchange for my will to Live.

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I’m sure we can all agree that social media is just pure chaos.

It’s just one giant melting-pot of validation-seeking behaviour wrapped up tightly in a layer of wild accusations, badly photoshopped memes, and terrible grammar peppered with a few emojis.

And I, for one, am absolutely fascinated by it…

Living through a pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, but adjusting has been particularly hard for those living with Autism.

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Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, stay inside, eat out to help out. The guidance offered by the UK Government during this pandemic has been anything but direct.

Now pair this with disrupted routine, less opportunity to practice life skills and no time to process things in between each…

Care for your loved ones by washing your hands, wearing a mask, and pressuring political candidates to prioritise mental health services.

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From the moment Coronavirus touched ground in the UK, we have had plenty of advice and buzzwords drummed into our heads to stop the spread and protect our loved ones.

From “Wash your hands and sing Happy Birthday twice” back in March, right up to “Stay Alert and Stay Safe”…

How to Navigate your way through the Great Post-University Depression.

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So you finished your degree. It took three years, hours and hours on end writing assignments, and more packets of instant noodles than it’s worth mentioning.

One awkward day of wearing a cap and gown later (Except 2020 graduates, sorry lads) and you can finally relax, right?


Stop Sweeping Our History Under the Rug.

Edward Colston Statue — Image via Shutterstock

No Plans to Review the Syllabus

Recently, Ministers have dismissed a proposal to include more BAME history to the English National curriculum.

Prior to this, 30 politicians from various political parties wrote an open letter requesting a complete overhaul of the curriculum, demanding that black historians revise what is taught and suggest new topic ideas.


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